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Equipment Financing

Every business has equipment needs, and obtaining necessary equipment requires financing. Most companies choose to lease their equipment rather than purchase it for a variety of reasons. But there is still the question of which type of lease to get. There are two different types of lease financing to be aware of, each with different benefits for different companies and situations. You can get more information here: Equipment Financing

A finance lease allows a business the option of purchasing the leased equipment for a nominal fee of one dollar or so once the lease agreement is up. They are useful for businesses who wish to keep their equipment. However, lease payments usually last for the expected life of the equipment. A true lease is shorter, after which a business can leave the lease or purchase the equipment for its market value.

True leases cost less than finance leases. Because the lease is less than the life of the equipment, the lessor (one who leases) can still sell the equipment to another company once the lease is up. A company that wishes to change or upgrades its equipment at regular intervals should consider a true lease. True lease payments are tax deductible.

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